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As the Spring season is now behind us, we know everyone has visions of summer cook-outs, camp-outs, and pool parties. However, we here at South Colonie Youth Baseball / Girls Softball are busy planning our 2017 Fall Ball season, and want to let everyone know that registration for the Fall season is now OPEN!

From a competitive standpoint, Fall Ball is in between our recreation games and Spring/Summer travel league games. Some stricter rules are enforced, but the emphasis on competition does not reach that of travel games and more closely resembles our recreation games. Our Fall Softball teams will again play within divisions of the Hudson Mohawk (HM) District 7 Girls Softball Traveling League, and our Fall Baseball teams will once again play within divisions of the Eastern States Baseball League (ESBL).


For 10U, 12U, 14U, and 17U, play consists of doubleheaders on four consecutive Sundays beginning on September 10th, and ending on October 1st (8 games total). In addition, each team will practice one to two times per week on top of the games. Travel will be within the local area, i.e., Latham, Burnt Hills, Shen, Rotterdam, etc. We may be scheduled for home games if our league is asked to host on one of the Sundays, but we will not know until schedules are released by HM. NOTE: Registration age for Fall Ball is based on the level that the player will play in Spring 2018, i.e., a player who played 10u and turns eleven in 2018, will play 12u fall ball this year.

For 8U (Mini Minors), we will again be running our own in-house program primarily focusing on instruction and skills development through both individual and team based drills and scrimmages. Emphasis will be on throwing, fielding and hitting. In the past the program was one weeknight a week plus a set time on Saturday. Exact details for this year's program are still being worked out. We will let you know when they are finalized.


For 8U, 9U, and 10U, play will be on Saturdays and/or Sundays beginning around September 9th or 10th, and ending around October 7th or 8th (8 - 12 games total). Some days will consist of doubleheaders. In addition, each team will practice one to two times per week on top of the games. We will have some home games, as well as away games within the local area at locations such as Niskayuna, Guilderland, North Colonie, etc. We will know exact game dates when schedules are released by ESBL.


The Fall Ball registration fee this year for each player (except 8U Softball) is $80 and goes towards players' jerseys, umpire fees, HM/ESBL league fees, and insurance. The cost for our 8U Softball in-house program is $40, and all players receive a shirt. To register, go to our website at www.southcolonieball.org/registration and click on the 'Register' button!

If you have any questions about Softball, please contact Bryan Kelly at bryankelly@southcolonieball.org . For any Baseball questions, please contact Matt Conley at mattconley@southcolonieball.org .

We hope to see you for Fall Ball!
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Archive for November 2014

Fall Ball 2014

SC 8u

8u SC Fall Ball team


10u SC Fall Ball team

South Colonie Youth Baseball fielded two Fall Ball teams in 2014 to compete locally from September through October. Hot off their All-Star summer, Adrian Ayala managed the 8u team and won the American and National league divisions with an impressive record. South Colonie also fielded a 10u team managed by Ed Stevens. Although their win/loss record was not what they hoped, all the boys progressed and grew as we look forward to the Spring.

It is our intent to continue to field teams for the Spring and Fall travel seasons. It’s a great way for the kids to continue to sharpen their skills and play competitive baseball. Travel baseball is always a bit more competitive, but the kids tend to enjoy it more too. It gives them an opportunity to represent their program and community on the field.

For information about the 2015 season please contact Ed Stevens. Thank you!

2014 8u All Star Team


Manager, Geneo Savoca going over the game plan. (photo by Kathy Finlan)


Getting pumped before a game in Rome. (photo by Kathy Finlan)


District Champs! (photo by Kathy Finlan)


Celebrated as District Champs by the Valley Cats in August 2014. (photo by Kathy Finlan)

First hand account by board member and parent, Rich Currao

The 2014 South Colonie Raiders qualified to play in the 8U Mid Atlantic Regionals in Rome/Utica, NY. This tournament is recognized among Cal Ripken Baseball as the equivalent to Little League’s World Series.

The journey began in early June when a 3-day tryout was held. 12 spots would be filled with the best 8U players our small area had to offer.

The Raiders first test was at the District 1 Tournament. With an impressive field that included perennial power houses like Niskayuna, North Colonie and Spring (Troy, NY). They rolled off an impressive 5-game win streak and captured the District 1 Title. This allowed them to advance to the NY State Tournament as District Champions.

Our boys fought hard in State pool play, went 4-0 and earned a bye in the Championship bracket. After storming out to a 3-0 record and with a trip to the Regionals on the line; they found themselves pitted against the Northern District Champions, Saratoga-American in a “win or go home” game. Fate did not appear to be on the Raiders side early on as they trailed 3-0 in the 3rd inning. Realizing that this could have been the end of the line the bats finally woke up after some steady defense calmed everything down. They went on to win 8-3 in a game that finished far closer than the final score indicated. A victorious jubilation filled the field as the boys began a call and response chant of, “Where we going?!?!” to which the reply was a triumphant, “UTICA!!!”

The Raiders arrived at the Mid Atlantic Regionals in Rome, NY to face off against teams from New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. In the end, the condensed game schedule proved to be too much on our Raiders tired pitching staff. The bats held strong, while the faithful still cheered, but their young arms had already given all they could.

The 2014 8u South Colonie Raiders magical run ended on a humid Friday afternoon in Rome, NY. But from the ashes and tears what was born was so much bigger than any victory they could have achieved. Lifelong friendships were galvanized among school mates. Pride in community and neighbor was restored among a generation of adults where such an ideology has been left to die on the vine. But above all else, the love of America’s past time was resurrected here in South Colonie. Baseball is no longer America’s #1 sport, and in the communities its enrollment dwindles each year due to the popularity of Soccer and Lacrosse. However, because of this amazing experience, these outstanding 12 boys will always choose baseball…..

“…..And they’ll watch the game and it’ll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick they’ll have to brush them away from their faces. The one constant through all the years has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it’s a part of our past. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again.” – Field of Dreams

The team was later celebrated in the local Spotlight newspaper, Times Union and the Valley Cats in a game in late August. It was a great summer for this team and their families. Certainly one they’ll never forget.