You know what goes with Back to School? FALL BALL!

To register, go to our website at www.southcolonieball.org/registration and click on the 'Register' button!

From a competitive standpoint, Fall Ball is in between our recreation games and Spring/Summer travel league games. Some stricter rules are enforced, but the emphasis on competition does not reach that of travel games and more closely resembles our recreation games. Our Fall Softball teams will again play within divisions of the Hudson Mohawk (HM) District 7 Girls Softball Traveling League, and our Fall Baseball teams will once again play within divisions of the Eastern States Baseball League (ESBL).

If you have any questions about Softball, please contact Bryan Kelly at bryankelly@southcolonieball.org . For any Baseball questions, please contact Matt Conley at mattconley@southcolonieball.org .
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This week's Sandlot game will again be on Thursday! (8/17, 6pm) Kids had fun last week, so we hope to see you there! ... See MoreSee Less

Sandlot Games!!! Bringing back the highly requested sandlot style games to West Albany... where the only goal is fun!! As summer quickly starts coming to an end and while we wait for Fall ball to sta...

2015 Boys Intermediates Standings

Team Win Loss Tie
Sweet Willy’s 5 0 0
Carter Conboy 4 1 0
11u Titans 1 5 0




T-Ball is for new players that are 4-5 years old (as determined on May 1st, 2017) . In this division the kids will be introduced to the fun of the game. The players will hit from a a batting tee, all players bat every inning, every player plays the field. No score is kept. Games are no longer than 3 innings.


The Rookie Division is for players 6-7 years old (as determined on May 1st, 2017). In this division, the players are pitched to either by a coach or pitching machine. The fielding positions are more defined than in T-ball. Players will learn more of the fundamentals without being concerned about the majority of the rules.


The Minors is for players that are 7, 8 and 9 years old (as determined on May 1, 2017). In this division, the kids will experience a combination of coach pitch and kid pitch and a hard baseball is used. While keeping it fun for the kids as they learn is always our goal, the competitive part of the game of baseball is introduced as team records are kept and there are playoffs and a championship game at the end of the season.


The Intermediates division is for players ages 9, 10 and 11 (as determined on May 1, 2017). The games are played using a certified umpire behind the plate and a youth umpire in the field. The kids do all of the pitching in these game. The teams go through a round of playoffs and a championship game at the end of the season.