T-ballers turn!
We got our first automatic payment from the ongoing can drive at Colonie Beverage! We figured becuse Tball technically falls under the new bats rules, we would purchase a few USA stamped bats to have on hand for the little guys trying out the sport for the first time! Keep bringing those cans and bottles to Colonie Bev on Central Ave (simply drop off, tell them it's for us and they do the rest)... we have lots of ideas for the next check!
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2017 – 2018 Board of Directors

Executive Board Officers

President of Baseball – Matt Conley
President of Softball  – Bryan Kelly 
VP of Baseball – Jeff Dufour 
VP of Softball – Dave Koonz
VP of Youth – Mike Fordley
Treasurer – Dan Valente
Financial Secretary – Vacant
Recording Secretary – Mike Keane

General Board Directors

  • Ellen Braun
  • Joe Carlino
  • Michelle Cosselman
  • Chris Decker
  • Jim Decrescenzo
  • Jim Duffy
  • Rich Fantozzi
  • Paul Fazziola
  • Geoff Frazier
  • Tara Frazier
  • Jess Miller
  • Jeff Parisi
  • Kevin Parisi
  • Renee Parisi
  • Rich Peck
  • Jim Ryan
  • Nick Sillings
  • Luis Tirado