Sponsorship Opportunities!

We love our kids and we are super proud of our volunteers here at South Colonie Youth Baseball and Girls Softball, but we would not be able to do what we do for the kids without our awesome sponsors!! Our sponsors allow us to keep our prices at a level that all families can hopefully afford and keep the fields/ equipment ready for the kids! We really wouldn’t be the same league without them!

So please take a look at our sponsorship form and consider asking your places of work if they would be willing to sponsor at one of our various levels. Think of how great it would be to see a picture of your child, grandchild, niece/ nephew, friend, or neighbor next to a banner of your company (field sponsor and above) … or on the back of their jersey (team sponsor) ... or on scoreboards or other places over the park where everyone would see how your company supports the local community!

A sincere thank you to all of our past sponsors, we hope to see you again in 2018!
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From West Albany to Cal Ripken

Before 2011 you may remember our program as West Albany little league. We made the switch to offer our kids the benefit of a better style of play which also helped them progress to the Babe Ruth style and High School they might play down the road. Here’s an article from the Spotlight newspaper highlighting the switch.


When Little League Baseball came to Albany

little-league-4-600x584Here’s a great little article from the Times Union on the time when little league baseball came to Albany. Although West Albany isn’t mentioned, we weren’t far behind the in our inception.